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Extending Lifecycles

eWaste is the fastest growing waste-stream on Earth, with only 17% of the total being collected and recycled. 85% of the carbon footprint of any asset is generated at the point of manufacture.

Restore Technology is extending the lifecycle of tech, minimising the impact tech has on its own carbon footprint. It puts sustainability and security at the forefront of its services; enabling clients to erase, re-use and recycle tech, and allowing assets to have a second, third and even fourth life. Constituent parts of an asset can also be stripped for re-use.

Data security and environmental impact are key to the work Restore Technology do, enabling clients to play their part in global eWaste solutions.

About Restore Technology

Restore Technology provides secure, sustainable & cost-effective IT lifecycle services, from IT deployment through to secure IT disposal.

Duncan Gooding, Managing Director, Restore Technology

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