About Net Zero: A Digital Journey 

Recent years have witnessed a surge in digital technology innovations to support a net zero future. But with climate change representing an unprecedented global threat, the IT industry must respond by delivering digital solutions to support mitigation and adaptation, whilst embedding sustainability into its own practices. 

The transformative potential of digital technology to cut emissions and secure a positive future through solutions such as climate modelling, intelligent transport systems, smart buildings and AI applications can only be achieved by building on progress already made in areas like decarbonising data centres, addressing e-waste, improving circularity, modularity and repairability, and designing energy efficient hardware.  

Net Zero: A Digital Journey features stories from individuals and organisations across the IT industry who are pioneering change, ensuring that as society adopts digital solutions to the climate crisis, the industry itself reduces its own environmental footprint. 

The digital series will raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities faced by the digital technology sector in the pursuit of net zero, showcasing excellence in collaboration, research, innovation, skills development, whilst inspiring the next generation. 

About BCS

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, promotes and supports the growing and diverse community of IT and digital professionals committed to making IT good for society.

About Content With Purpose

Content With Purpose (CWP) is a strategic content creator that works in partnership with leading member bodies and associations; engaging professionals on their industries’ contribution to solving the climate and ecological crisis.